How do we inspect the flashlight


In China, NBN provides inspection services of electronic and electrical products for global clients. Among them, flashlights are a very common product. The small flashlights that we inspect most are given as gifts. It can be kept in the car as a spare, can also be used for camping, field fishing, etc., Let’s share the process of flashlight inspection:
1.  Quantity check
Our inspectors will count the quantity of all finished products, unpackaged products and semi-finished products, and verify with the order quantity.
2.  Product appearance details
This includes the condition of the product, color and texture, and checks whether the product meets the client's requirements by comparing it with the reference sample or the client's specification.
3. Weight and size
Measure the dimensions and weights required by all client's specification. We will also measure key dimensions if the client does not provide the request.
4. Check the package
Check the shipping mark of the outer box, measure the size and weight of the outer box, check the quality of the outer box (humidity must be less than 15%). The quantity of products in one outer box is suitable. Check whether the inner package meets the requirements.
5. Product testing
Under normal circumstances, we have to perform the LOGO adhesion test, flashlight function test, switch test, internal structure check, fatigue test.
6. Inspection of product appearance defects
In general, we will randomly select samples from the batch according to sampling level II, and then check samples individually according to AQL 0/2.5/4.0 (or according to the client’s requirements). After the completion of all sample inspection, we will count the number of various defects, and then compare the AQL value to judge whether the goods are qualified.

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