From January 8, there is no need to apply for a health code in China, and the centralized quarantine will be cancelled


The National Health Commission announced on Dec.26 that the novel coronavirus pneumonia will be renamed novel coronavirus infection. With the approval of The State Council, the prevention and control measures for Class A infectious diseases stipulated in the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases shall be lifted as of January 8, 2023.
The novel coronavirus infection is no longer included in the administration of quarantinable infectious diseases as stipulated in the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People's Republic of China.
The Overall Plan for Implementing "Class B and B Management" for the novel Coronavirus Infection has optimized the management of personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries.
In accordance with the requirements of the Master Plan,
A. People who come to China should take nucleic acid test 48 hours before their departure. If the test results are negative, they can come to China. There is no need to apply for a health code from Chinese diplomatic and consular missions. If positive, relevant personnel should come to China after turning negative.
B. Cancel nucleic acid testing and centralized quarantine for all personnel upon entry. If the health declaration is normal and the customs port routine quarantine is not abnormal, can be released into the community.
C. Cancel the "five-one" and load factor limit and other international passenger flight number control measures.
D. Airlines continue to take precautions against disease on board, and passengers must wear masks when on board.
E. Further optimize arrangements for foreign nationals coming to China for resumption of work, business, study, family visit and reunion, and provide visa facilities accordingly. The entry and exit of passenger transport by water and land ports will be gradually resumed. China will resume outbound tourism in an orderly manner in light of the international epidemic situation and the service support capacity of all sectors.

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