How to take stock?


How to take stock? In the daily work of enterprises involved in goods storage management, in order to ensure that the warehouse goods intact, consistent accounts, master effective inventory commodity inventory methods, standardized inventory material inventory work is very important. Let's share a few ways to take stock.
Methods of inventory counting:
1. to account or thing to distinguish
Can be divided into book inventory and physical inventory. Book inventory is the method of calculating the inventory of goods according to the data. The actual inventory count is for unsold inventory goods, on-the-spot counting statistics, counting only the retail price can be recorded.
2. Make the difference by counting areas
Can be divided into comprehensive inventory and partition inventory. A full inventory is an inventory of all inventory in the store within a specified period of time. Zoning inventory refers to the division of goods in the store by category, each time in order to check a certain area.
3. Make the difference by counting time
It can be divided into counting during operation, counting before (after) operation and closing. Business inventory is "instant inventory", business and inventory at the same time. Pre-business (post-business) inventory means that inventory is taken before or after the opening of business. Closed inventory is closed for a period of time during normal business hours to take inventory.
4. Make the difference by counting cycle
Can be divided into periodic and irregular inventory. Periodic count means that the interval of each count is the same, including annual, quarterly, monthly, daily and shift count. Irregular stock counting refers to the inconsistent time between each stock counting, which is carried out temporarily under the circumstances of price adjustment, sales method change, personnel transfer, accidents, warehouse clearing, etc.
In the process of stocktaking, the counting machine is used to scan the barcode of goods and complete the collection, storage and transmission of stocktaking data, which can save the time of manual data entry and improve the efficiency and accuracy of stocktaking.

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