How to apply the pre-shipment inspection service to the third-party inspection company?


Pre-shipment inspection is also called random sampling inspection before shipment. It is suitable for medium or large quantity orders. The inspection report will reflect the overall quality of bulk goods and batch quality problems. Therefore, pre-shipment inspection is a very common way of inspection. For many novice purchasers, how to book inspection services from third-party inspection companies more efficiently? Let's share.
A. Confirm inspection type with supplier
There are many types of inspection provided by third parties, such as During production inspection, Container loading inspection, Pre-shipment inspection, etc. After making a decision on which type of inspection to use, the client needs to confirm with the supplier whether such inspection is acceptable. Because some product packaging is not removable after completion, such as bubble shell packaging. If the inspector samples according to AQL standard and unwraps all the packages of the samples for inspection, part of the packages will inevitably be damaged.
In addition, due to site limitations or personnel limitations of the factory, it may not be possible to make the inspection work properly.
B. Confirm inspection date with supplier
The pre-shipment inspection should be carried out under the condition that 100% of the orders are completed and the packaging is completed. Therefore, the completion date of the goods should be confirmed with the supplier, so the inspection date can be arranged on the day or the next day of the completion of the goods.
Under normal circumstances, the inspection company will contact the supplier one day in advance to reconfirm the inspection date. It is also necessary to ask the supplier to provide the name and mobile phone number of the QC department of the factory.
C. Submit inspection application to third party inspection company
The inspection application can be submitted through the website of the inspection company. Some inspection companies will send a blank BOOKING form, which can be sent back to the inspection company via E-mail after filling in.
After submitting the application, you must receive a confirmation email from the inspection company to ensure that this inspection has been arranged. If the factory delays production due to some unexpected circumstances and the completion date of the goods is delayed, contact the inspection company as soon as possible to confirm the new inspection date. Generally, request for date changes two days in advance will be free of charge.

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