How to check the product quality according to the inspection report


Many novice buyers entrust third-party inspection companies to perform pre-shipment inspection for their orders, but after receiving the report, there is a lot of confusion, such as defect ratio, potential risks of the product, etc. This article will analyze how to correctly review the inspection report.
A. Defectives list
Defectives list is a key factor to judge the overall quality of goods, which can be found by checking the AQL table and detailed defect pictures on the report. Note the sampling level and corresponding Sample size on the AQL table. For example, if the total number of orders is 1000 units and Sampling level II is used, the sample size will be 80 units, and all the defects found will come from these 80units.
B. Batch defect and product potential risk
Please be sure to check the IMPORTANT REMARK on the report. Here, the inspector will describe the defects of the batch and the potential risks of the product. In addition, the inspector will also describe the evaluation results of the client's special requirements. The client will decide whether to approve or rework the shipment based on these data.
C. Product functionality
Another part of the inspection report is product tests, such as color difference, adhesion, color fastness, sewing thread length, etc., for clothing products. For electrical products will test the high voltage, switch, cable maximum tensile strength, product function etc.
D. Check if the packing reasonable
The packing part includes the thickness, external dimension, weight, shipping mark, packing quantity of the outer box. It also will show you the manner of packing. If there is any discrepancy with the client’s specification, it will also be shown on the IMPORTANT REMARK.

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