The benefits of hire a third-party inspection company to you


The quality control service of the third-party inspection company is very important in the international trade, and it is also an essential quality control process. Third party QC services include factory audit, initial production check, during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection and container loading inspection. The client can be choose the service he needs according to the actual situation.
The third-party inspection company is a completely independent organization. The main staff of the company include quality engineers and inspectors. Through long-term work, they have a full understanding of the materials, performance and production processes of various products, so they are very good at discovering the quality defects and potential quality risks of products. To ensure that your goods comply with quality requirements and local laws and regulations.
So what advantage does entrusting a third party give us?
A. Ensure product quality meets requirements
Before visiting the factory, inspectors will carefully check the product information and quality requirements provided by the client, including product appearance, size, weight, performance requirements, anti-fatigue requirements, shipping marks, inner packing requirements, packing quantity, etc. This information will be confirmed individually during the inspection process.
In addition, inspectors will inspect a certain number of sampled products and judge whether the quantity of defective products exceeds the maximum allowable range according to AQL standard. If so, the result of the inspection report is FAIL. The client can request the supplier to rework according to the inspection report to ensure the quality of the goods.
B. Prevent batch errors
The most likely batch errors are those that are hidden and not easily detected. For example, when electrical products are inspected, the motor power is lower than the range specified in the order, or the fabric color fastness is unqualified during clothing inspection. Such batch problems make customers difficult to accept.
Pre-shipment inspection by a third-party company will perform a series of product tests, during which the vast majority of batch quality problems will be discovered.
C. Establish more stable relationships with suppliers
Through the third-party inspection, the supplier will think that the customer is a regular buyer with a certain scale, and they will pay more attention to product quality control in the production process.
In addition, if mid-production inspection is performed, problems can be identified and resolved as early as possible, which can save as much time and cost as possible, thus reducing the possibility of disputes with suppliers.
D. Ensure the impartiality of the inspection
The third-party inspection company is a completely independent organization, inspectors have strict training and rich working experience. In addition, the fair and equitable inspection report is attached importance to every inspection company, which is related to the company's reputation and development prospects. Therefore, the inspection report of the third-party inspection company has high authenticity.
E. Improve work efficiency
During the inspection process, the inspector will communicate with the factory quality department in a timely manner, according to the client's product information and quality requirements, feedback some important quality problems. This is the most direct communication, which can greatly reduce the time to convey information and possible misunderstandings in the process, and it will also save the customer's time.

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