What is Mexican NOM Certification?


Mexican NOM Certification, abbreviated Normas Oficiales Mexicanas, is Mexico's mandatory safety mark indicating that the product complies with the relevant NOM standard. The NOM logo is applied to most products, including telecommunications and information technology equipment, household appliances, lamps and other products with potential health and safety hazards.
Whether manufactured in Mexico or imported, it must comply with the relevant Mexican NOM standard and product labeling. Mexico only recognizes its own NOM safety mark. Safety marks from other countries are not recognized, regardless of whether they have been previously certified by the US, Canada or other international standards.
Under Mexican law, the NOM licensee must be a Mexican company responsible for product quality, maintenance and reliability (i.e. NOM certification must be certified under a local Mexican company). The test report shall be issued by a laboratory approved by SECOFI and reviewed by SECOFI, ANCE or NYCE. If the product complies with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations, a certificate will be issued to the manufacturer or exporter's Mexican representative and the product may have the NOM mark added.
1. NOM Certification Scope and compliance.
NOM summarizes the minimum safety requirements that organizations and their products, including production methods, must meet, as well as packaging and material-related requirements such as commercial information and labeling, and related energy efficiency standards may also be required for electronic or electrical products.
2. NOM's requirements for electronic products include.
Security requirements (certification);
Energy Efficiency or Sustainable Energy Practices (LASE) statement;
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
(packaging) business information requirements (packaging);
The official approval.
All products applicable to the Mexican market must meet these regulations and can receive the NOM mark, including export products that are allowed into the country prior to these standards.
3. NOM Certification steps.
The first step in the NOM certification process is for the manufacturer to complete the application. During this time, the approved laboratory will issue a notice summarizing any non-compliance issues not found. All noncompliance or deficiencies must be resolved before the certification process begins.
It is important that approved certification bodies (CB) work together to fully understand the options for initial certification, subsequent inspection, and future certification updates.
In many countries, manufacturers, distributors and importers of electronic or electrical equipment must demonstrate that their products meet minimum safety requirements for the end user and the environment in which they are used. The market in each country/region requires these products to meet local standards and prove that they meet these requirements before they can be sold in this market. Mexico requires more than 2,000 classified products imported into the country to meet the required Norma Oficial Mexicana(NOM) standard.

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