Promotion Products Inspection Services in China


Promotion products are an essential part of marketing and promotional activities for companies. They serve as a tangible representation of a brand, helping to increase awareness and recognition. However, the success of these promotional products depends on their quality, including their appearance, functionality, and durability. As such, it is essential to ensure that promotion products are of high quality and meet consumers' demands.
NBN offers quality inspection services of promotional products for clients to control key risks and ensure high-quality promotional products. With years of experience in quality control services for over 25 global agents of promotion products customization in China, NBN has developed specialized checklists and processes to evaluate and verify the function, workmanship, labeling, and packaging of various promotion products.
The importance of delivery time cannot be overstated in the promotional products industry, and major defects are a leading cause of late delivery. At NBN, we understand the significance of timely delivery and provide comprehensive quality control services throughout the supply chain to ensure that promotion products are delivered on time and with the expected quality.
Our quality control services cover a wide range of promotion products, including make-up mirrors, T-shirts, trolley bags, canvas tote bags, mugs, USB lights, flashlights, and toolsets. We also offer tailored inspection and testing services for different categories of promotion products, such as garments, bags and fashion accessories, electrical and electronics, jewelry, stationery, and toys.
NBN's inspection services include evaluation and supervision of raw materials, during production inspection, and pre-shipment inspection. We conduct necessary tests during inspection to ensure that the products are functionally stable and safe to use. Our specialized checklists cover various aspects of promotion products, including printing quality and appearance, to ensure that they meet consumers' demands and promote sales of products and services.
With 80% of enterprises purchasing promotion products in a hurry, the quality control of promotion products is full of challenges. At NBN, we strive to help clients meet these challenges by providing timely, reliable, and cost-effective quality inspection and monitoring services. Our team of experts is well-equipped to handle the complexities of the promotional products industry and provide customized solutions that meet clients' specific needs.

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