What will we do after inspection failed?


It’s no doubt that no goods will be 100% guaranteed to pass after 3rd-party inspection. Some products are of lower quality, and others are non-compliant with buyer’s standard. In the case of failing a pre-shipment inspection, what will an inspection company do?
Firstly, the report superviser will be notify the buyer as soon as possible when the failure happened, so that the buy will decide whether the goods are OK to ship or not. Buyer is justified to reject the whole lot of products. And buyer can have enough time to cancel or cease shipment arrangement if necessary.
Secondly, a detailed inspection report will be send to the buyer with details regarding above-said inspection failure details. The report will state the detailed defects of the products which lead to the failure of the inspection. The report will have signature from the representative from the vendor (such as factory manager), as well as the inspectors.


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