Industrial products quality control services in China


Industrial products services in China
NBN offers a wide range of Supplier audits services (Manufacturing audit), Quality control services, and Container loading supervision services to industrial product buyers around the world in China. To ensure that their suppliers are healthy, compliant, and that products meet quality and technical requirements at all stages of the supply chain and are safely shipped!


NBN's industrial product Supplier audit

As a buyer of industrial products, you have to know all aspects of information of a new supplier in China, such as plant size, company credit, production equipment and capabilities, quality control systems, etc. before you formally cooperate with them.

Entrusting us to conduct a Manufacturing audits of new suppliers is a good option, not only for go ahead the business in efficient, but also save the cost. We’ll submit a formal audit report after audit, which will help you make the right decision.

Our Manufacturing audit (Supplier audit) includes:

• Factory Profile (including legal validity, trade credit and basic information)

• Human Resource (including organization charts and number of employees for each department)

• Trade Capacity (including export overall situation, products and markets distribution)

• Production Capability (including basic information, raw material, condition of machinery and equipment)

• Quality Control (including quality control system, certifications, supplier management and customer complaints handing)

• Research and Development (including engineering, sampling, test equipment)

Price of Supplier audit service: $319/Supplier

NBN's Pre-shipment inspection of industrial products

Performing Pre-shipment inspection will help you understand the details quality situations of the final goods and provide a strong basis for your approval of shipments or for corrective actions. Reduce procurement risk, ensure product quality meets order requirements and meet safety standards.

Our pre-shipment inspection will be carried out in strict accordance with internationally accepted sampling standards MIL-STD-105E and ISO2859 and will be performed in accordance with AQL's inspection standards, the whole processes are  including:

• Workmanship

• Quantity
• Style & colors
• Artworks & labels
• Dimensions & weight
• Shipping marks
• Packing & packaging
• Tests (including tests on product function, performance, durability and safety)
• Client’s requirements

 Price of Pre-shipment inspection service: $209/Man-day


NBN’s Container loading inspection service

Container loading inspection will ensure that your correct shipments are loaded in a safe and reliable environment, and our inspectors will verify the quantity of the shipment based on the packing list. This will help you effectively supervise the container loading, avoid damage and insufficient quantity of goods, and reduce trade disputes.

Our Container loading inspection include:

• Verify the actual quantity of products loaded
• Verify the conformity of products
• Verify the packaging, labeling and shipping mark
• Check the quality of export cartons.
• Check the quality of containers
• Supervise the loading process
• Verify the export cartons are placed reasonably
• Check the shipping documents

 Price of Container loading inspection: $190/Man-day


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