Is it necessary to inspect the promotional products?


When the company's products have just entered the market, during the celebrations and before Christmas, they will promote the products for sales. Especially in the electrical appliances, consumer goods industry and service industry, we must seize the golden stage of these promotions every year. In some medium and large supermarkets and shopping centers, we also hire some special promoters to show the details of the products, such as printed Corporate LOGO T-shirts, etc.


NBN believes that the conduct the quality control and inspection of promotional products during the production process and before shipment is necessary. Because product quality represents the image of a company, a beautiful high-quality promotional product can enhance your brand image, bring more consumer groups, and achieve the best results with less cost.

As a professional third-party quality inspection company in China, NBN provides unparalleled supply chain quality control and inspection services for promotional brands from around the world. Our inspectors visit your factory in China at all stages of production and provide detailed information to help you correct product quality issues and control procurement risks.


In the during production inspection and pre-shipment inspection of promotion products, our main work is:

1. View the production progress of the order, the quantity of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

2. Check the product specifications, appearance, and color to meet the order requirements.

3. Randomly test the finished product according to the ISO2859 sampling standard, and then determine whether the quality level of the goods meets the AQL standard.

4. Verify the product's Artwork, Logo.

5. Verify the shipping marks and packaging.

6. Perform product safety testing and other performance testing at the production site.

Within one day after the completion of the inspection, our client will receive a detailed English inspection report.

NBN Inspection looks forward to working with you to help your company thrive by providing quality inspections of promotional items!




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