Disposable tableware inspection


Disposable tableware including biodegradable categories, light/biodegradable materials and easy to recycle materials, the technical requirement of disposable tableware inspection
Must use harmless, clean and no pollution, accord with national food hygiene and environmental protection laws and regulations, standards of raw materials production of disposable degradable tableware.
Shall not use the following raw materials, additives, coatings and chemicals production and processing disposable degradable tableware:
1. Without to deal with the pollution of the natural material and its rough machining;
2. The failure of metamorphism, mildew or contaminated;
3. The harmful substance content does not conform to the hygiene standards;
4. Recycling materials;
5. Fluorescent whitening agent.
Green packaging should conform to three, it is easy to recycle, 2 it is easy, 3 is given, and is easy to natural environment fusion, but even degradable tableware, can do is not a short time.
Many degradation products that degradation time for the three months to six months, but in fact this is a set of standards in the laboratory environment, under the natural environment, the degradation influenced by many factors such as temperature, humidity, such as where you put the lunch box in without water, so it is hard to degrade ", under natural conditions, the degradation products need at least a year degradation.