What is the Factory Audit?


Many buyers find some new Chinese suppliers from networks or trading fair, after discussing price and product requirements, if they feel this supplier is a suitable partner, they will start place order and arrange down payment with this supplier.
But mostly they will not visit the factory, and have no chance to know its production capacity, quality control system, supplier's credit, etc., so some of buyers will worry about this problem. Indeed, there are many cheater suppliers in China (or bad credit company), They use very cheap offer to attract customers, and provide good quality samples to buyers for confirmation, but the actual delivery of the goods is low quality, even cannot be sold in market, this situation will let buyer suffered huge losses.

To avoid the risk of new supplier, the best solution is to entrust us to perform a Factory Audit before your placing order or make down payment.

In fact, the
Factory Audit Service is our auditors to visit the factory to replace the overseas buyers to conduct a comprehensive inspection to the Factory, the concrete content includes:

1. The profile of factory. Such as the total number of employees, the total area, the annual sales, etc.

2. Human resource configuration.

3. The ability of export of the factory.

4. Production capacity.

5. Quality control system and how to solve the quality problem.

6. Product research and development capabilities

7. The special requirements of customers.

We’ll give a score for each item of the factory, and give a final total score of the factory based on importance of the items. It will help buyer to make the final decision. Our offer of Factory Audit: USD319.