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1) How can I get started with NBN inspection services ?
Please visit our website: www.china-nbn-inspection.com,click "Contact us",then fill out your company profile and upload the file of product information, we will start the first class service for you.E-mail booking also can be acceptable.
2) Can I formulate the inspection criteria and other requirements on my  inspection ?
Absolutely. Please feel free to contact us by email to info@china-nbn-inspection.com . NBN is always ready to provide the best pre/post-inspection consultation service!
3) What information does NBN inspection report include ?
Our written reports are very detailed, including accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistic analysis based on the highly recognized AQL standard and plentiful spot pictures for illustration.
4) How long does it take to get my report ?
You could get the report within the same day after inspection. For factory audit, since it takes more time to analyze and prove from all aspects in evaluating the factory, the report is available within three day after the audit.
5) Does NBN actually approve the shipment ?
NBN inspects the shipment according to AQL guidelines and all customers' requirements. The client makes the decision on whether to accept/reject the shipment according the inspection reports received.
6) Does NBN charge extra for inspecting more than one type of products during the same inspection?
A. Normally, with less than 9 items assorted, there is no extra charge for inspecting more than one type of product in one inspection. The sample size is calculated based on the total quantity of all the items in this inspection and we issue only one inspection report accordingly.
7) How to sending an approved sample to NBN?
We highly recommend you send approved samples of your product to serve as a reference for inspection.
If you are going to send us the approval sample, to ensure the smooth customs clearance, please include the pro forma invoice and write "Samples of no commercial value" and a declared value of not more than $5 USD. We will providing the pro forma invoice to you.
Any sample you send us must clear customs. Some items that may not pass customs include:
*All powders
*All liquids
*Magnetic products
*Gas and oil products
8) What is an AQL, and why is it such an important consideration for my inspections ?
An AQL, or Acceptable Quality Limit, is a probability limit chosen for a given product or process characteristic. There are normally three limits chosen, one for critical, major and minor. Usually, each of these three limits is different for each category. A typical sampling plan would be as follows:
Level Critical Major Minor
General Level II 0.01 1.5 4.0
The lower the number, the fewer defects can be accepted in the sample of product. When choosing AQLs, it is important that one understands the balance between setting them too low, and rejecting many shipments, and setting them too high and releasing unacceptable product.
9) What is the difference between a "rejection" and a "hold shipment"?
A lot is rejected when there is a clear non-conformance with the inspection plan. A "hold shipment" normally occurs when the problem is subjective against the inspection plan definition of non-conformance.
10) How do inspections reduce costs in NBN ?
First article inspections immediately identify conformance issues with new product as it is initially produced. In-process inspections identify problems as they develop on the production line and save time in making corrections and reduce costs of reworking completed product. Pre-shipment inspections identify non-conformances prior to shipment, reducing the risks to the buyer of receiving defective product along with the associated delays in receiving replacement products.

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