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What are the costs and details of our inspection?

Date:2018/7/15 hit:221

    What are the costs and details of our inspection?

Our inspection cost is $209/Man-day

Term of payment: pay 100% before inspection.


 Our inspection services include:

1. Product quantity. 

2. Product color. 

3. Product measurement.

4. Product appearance detail. 

5. Marking/Logo and Label. 

6. Quality check (usually according to Sample Size II, AQL 0/2.5/4.0

7. Necessary testing 

8. Shipping marks 

9. Packing and packaging.


We will take detail pictures (insert in report) for the each above process.

Moreover, our service could be according to client's requirements. For example, we could use the special AQL Standard or perform the special test which client requested.

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