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For years, Norm Inspection Service Co., Ltd. has widely accumulated rich experience in Chinese export products quality inspection, effectively conveyed the factory information to foreign clients and provided them with inspection services in china of good quality. Our practical experience helps us easily analyze some causes of quality problems of Chinese exports.

Credit and Ability of Suppliers

Credit and Ability of Suppliers

Many foreign purchaser, who import goods from China, have come across Chinese suppliers with bad credit; for example, the product quality does not meet the requirements of the contract, and suppliers intentionally conceal quality problems. In order to save costs, they replace confirmed materials or materials required in the contract with cheap raw materials. The delivery date severely goes beyond the originally specified shipment date. Sometimes, even the number of shipments is also less than that provided in the contract!
Among these suppliers, some lower the product quality in order to get greater benefits, while some lower the product quality because their strength is not strong enough, such as backward production facilities, unreasonable production technology (process), a lack of their own internal inspection system, loose management of the operator, out-of-control quality of raw materials and so on. In some small factories, the jobs of technician, salesman and purchaser are done by factory owners alone and there are no dedicated personnel who take charge of quality control and inspection. Although the cost is saved and the price is a bit competitive in this way, it is prone to serious problems in actual operation and leads to a great deal of risks to clients.
Before placing an order to new suppliers, clients can evaluate each condition of the suppliers and master the main information of them through our Initial Production Check (IPC) service before deciding whether to place an order. In this way, risks of the clients can be reduced to the lowest. Our experienced inspectors will provide clients with objective and fair company information, production equipment and production capacity of the suppliers, technology and quality control system, internal management and procurement of raw materials and other information.

Responsibility of Suppliers

Sometimes, upon receipt of the goods, clients will find that the products are significantly different from the previous confirmed samples or do not reach the confirmed standard. For example, FROST KING ordered Window/door Weatherstripping from a factory in Ningbo. In order to save costs, that factory used a relatively inexpensive plus material whose elasticity did not reach the level of confirmed samples and consequently affected the product performance. Sometimes, managers of factories want to take a chance and think that as long as the clients do not find the problem, products do not need to meet the requirements in the contract and they can lower the quality of products in order to maximize the profit.
When the third party inspects the sample, some factories place the faulty goods at the bottom so that the inspector can't find them. Sometimes, they even secretly replace the selected test samples without the inspectors' noticing. In that case, the inspection report of the goods will not conform to the actual situation. Factories and third party inspector might even receive client complaints. We will carefully inspect products in the factories and conduct a comprehensive inspection of samples in strict accordance with standard sampling methods.

Factors of Operators

Income of Workers
Due to the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, the overall demand of overseas also reduces, resulting in fierce price competitions between Chinese domestic suppliers and gradual decrease of suppliers' profit margins. In order to reduce the production cost, wages of ordinary workers are relatively low. Wages of many factories are settled on piecework (The more products are, the higher income will be). Therefore, in order to earn more money, workers will ignore some quality problems, causing serious consequences.
Off Season and Busy Season
Many China's export products are obviously affected by seasons, such as Christmas products, clothing, household appliances, and even if you cooperate with the same factory, products may be also of different qualities. In busy seasons, suppliers are not always able to complete all orders. For avoiding claims and pursue shipment, some factories neglect production management and quality control.
Before and After the Spring Festival
A large part of workers in factories are from all parts of the country, so they perhaps will return to their hometown before the Spring Festival, or look for other new jobs. As a result, those skilled workers can not pay enough attention to the production while new workers lack understanding of the production techniques and processes, leading to an increase in product defects. Take machined parts processed by CNC as an example. If operators are unfamiliar with the production process and measurement, the size of the product will easily exceed tolerances required by drawings.
Quality Awareness of Workers
Many factories have a high turnover of workers, whose education and expertise levels differ greatly. Some workers have not received adequate professional trainings and lack the awareness of product quality and understanding of the production process. Therefore, there will be a lot of hidden quality problems, increasing the risk of the purchaser.
Our services in Initial Production Check (IPC), Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), Container Loading Supervision (CLS), and Factory Audit (FA) are to assist importers to strictly control products that are manufactured in China so as to ensure product consistency and that the quality is in line with expected standards and correct goods are shipped to your destinations. In addition, NBN QC is equipped with extensive experience in foreign enterprises services and quality control knowledge. The information we provided allows importers to make a decision earlier and helps prevent potential risks. In quality control of export products in China, we can be your true partner.

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