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The specialized team consisted of veteran technical engineers and inspectors customizes the quality control scheme of supply chain for you, so that your products meet all specifications and safety standards of the target market.
Inspection Services for the Electrical & Electronics Industry
Nowadays, the electronics and electrical products are more intelligent and environment-friendly. However, as they become more complex, the safety risks are also increasing, for example electric shock, spontaneous ignition or battery explosion, so more and more products have been recalled. Inspection and test of goods before shipment is an effective method to reveal the defects of technologies, design and materials, and thus has vital importance for improving product design and ensuring the safety during use.

So far we have had cooperation with more than 20 brands worldwide and provide them with extensive inspection services for electronics and electrical products manufactured in the factories in China. Our inspection involves in the overall evaluation and verification on the workmanship, appearance, specification, labeling and packaging of products, and is able to faithfully reflect the general quality of a batch of goods and the details of various defects. Our expertise includes washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, cleaner, oven, electric iron, LED lamp, flashlight, USB flash disk, earphone, etc.

The test of electronics and electrical products requires a mass of expertise and focus to details, we also perform a series of physical and mechanical tests on site according to your unique products during inspection, so as to ensure your products meet consumers’ demands and relevant standards of the target market.

Standards used in all inspections:

Sampling standard: ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO2859-1)
Inspection standard: Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL)

The main tests for Electrical & Electronics inspection:
  • Product parameter check
  • Construction data form check (CDF)
  • Carton drop test
  • Function test
  • Strain relief test
  • Hi Pot test
  • Earth continuity test
  • Working current/voltage check
  • Frequency check
  • Power consumption test
  • Motor rotation speed test
  • Stability test
  • Noise check
  • Waterproof test
  • Barcode scan test
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