Why should perform the Pre-Shipment Inspection


Buyers from all over the world can be hire an third party inspection service in China to control the quality of the goods, it can be a during production inspection and pre-shipment inspection etc.
Inspection process mainly includes the following elements:
1. Look at the number of complete product and the number of packed product.
2. Check the appearance, detail, color is in line with the customer's requirements, if the confirmed sample was provided, so that inspector should compare the goods with the confirmed sample.
3. Check the dimension and weight of the product.
4. According to the AQL standard to sampling of the goods, and check the appearance of the selected sample. If discover products are potentially dangerous or functional problems, must be judged to be CRITICAL.
5. According to the product characteristics or requirement of customer to perform the necessary tests. For example, clothing must do the color shading test, color fastness test, etc., such as electrical products must be conduct hi-Pot test.
6. Verify shipping mark and packing is correct or not.
7. Request representative of the factory, such as the production
manager to sign at draft report. (The draft report including the main defectives found during inspection and also important remarks.)
We always strongly recommend customer arrange quality inspection before shipment, because it allows client find out and solve any problems of shipment in faster and easier. In addition, the pre-shipment inspection should be as early as possible then shipment delivery, so that suppliers have enough time to deal with some problems about quality or packaging. 
As a 3rd party inspection company, everything we did is in the final analysis is to ensure that suppliers delivery correct and reliable goods before shipment.
Our work will be assistant you to find out problems in factory in early day, so that you don't have to deal with defects and problems in your country, even you can deliver goods to your customer directly.
In addition, our QC will communicate with factory with some necessary quality problems during the inspection, it will be cause factory to pay more attention at important issue about the quality, this is good for you to receive better quality of products.